Trailer Bright Products

The rv and motorsports community has been relying on Trailer Bright for many years, looking to our company to provide valuable products. Trailer Bright will never sell a product that we ourselves wouldn’t be satisfied using. It is our goal to offer the rv and motorsports community quality products at an affordable and fair price.

At Trailer Bright we take pride in our work. We absolutely love to hear that our fellow rv and motorsports community members are satisfied with our products; it makes the effort well worth it.

There are many rv and trailer cleaners to pick from so how do you chose one? Many cleaners do a good job cleaning however they may contain acid which is harmful to you and your rv or trailer. Trailer Bright contains no acid and is the only recommended trailer cleaner by Haulmark Industries. Our product is Made In The USA . Finally Trailer Bright really works!


Complete Customer Satisfaction

Complete customer satisfaction is our primary goal. It is with that philosophy in mind that we provide our customers with a 30 day 100% guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with Trailer Bright, call our office at 239-287-5445 and request a return authorization number. You will be instructed to return the unused portion of Trailer Bright. We will then refund you 100% of your purchase price less shipping.

Endorsement from Haulmark Trailers

We are pleased to inform our customers that we now have the formal recommendation from Haulmark Industries. Look what Haulmark has to say about Trailer Bright. Click on the link “What Product Should I Use To Clean The Exterior Of My Trailer” Click Here
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